Studio Haran

Joel and Helena Haran are a husband and wife team based in the beautiful Cornish countryside. They have been working as a partnership since June 2014, starting Studio Haran whilst studying Sustainable Product Design at Falmouth University.

Their vision is to design and craft beautiful pieces for your home or business that are expertly designed and honestly crafted using quality materials.

To date, their collaborative work has led them to work on an array of design and craft projects, from furniture and lighting to bespoke interiors and exhibition builds. They thrive on creative challenges, taking a holistic approach to innovation where design and craft mutually inform each other.

Joel and Helena have a strong connection with the outdoors and this is evident in their choice to pursue design and craft sustainably, using natural materials sourced locally and ethically. When it comes to craft they keep one foot in the past and one in the future, learning from age-old traditional techniques whilst using modern machinery for efficiency and a perfect finish.

Both of the team collaborate on the design but they stick to their specialism's throughout manufacture, Joel works with the timber whilst Helena holds down the ceramics.